My background in the fine arts and film production deeply influences the way I work. From the arts, I bring a creative eye to my clients and their homes. From production, I bring a keen attention to detail, cost and schedule. I appreciate the highest levels of craftsmanship and have collaborative relationships with many of the Bay Area's finest fabricators, builders and contractors. I do projects in San Francisco, the East Bay, the Peninsula, and the Wine Country. 

Every project I do is different because every client is different. Yet there are themes that weave through the spaces I design—attention to light, color, surface, texture and tone. Finding or restoring objects of great meaning to my clients is a passion. Some favorites include, restoring Ansel Adams's much-loved Knoll chair, designing a room around a forgotten Ellsworth Kelly painting, and tracking down the incredible hinged-top dining table from the movie Moonrise Kingdom.

A San Francisco native, I am influenced by the natural abundance of the Bay Area and our singular mix of sophistication and ease.